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"Having a good piano technician/tuner in your life is indispensable. If your piano technician can mechanically and musically tame your piano, then you don't need to have expensive prized pianos. I am lucky to have Chaz for my baby grand that requires relatively high-maintenance, he made my piano sound like a Steinway last time, and it's singing like a crisp C. Bechstein this time. What I like about Chaz is that he responds well in emergency situations; you know, for musicians any tiny thing related to your musical instrument is an 'emergency' (smile) and he understands it." - Misato (Silver Spring, MD)

"When it comes to the intonation of my piano, I must admit, it is extremely difficult to satisfy me. Chaz is (hands down) one of the best tuners I have ever encountered. His ear is impeccable.  If you want your piano to sound like it was designed to sound hire Chaz!!!  I am 1000% satisfied!" - David (NW DC)

"Chaz came to tune our piano again and I'm equally, if not more, impressed than the last time. Extremely courteous and talented and WOW can he make a piano sing! My boys and I just sat there listening starstruck as he played the newly tuned piano and brought life to it that I had forgotten it has! It is amazing to hear an instrument reaching its fullest potential and for that I say - Chaz is a gift!" - Natasha (Arlington, VA)

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided recently when you tuned our piano. Your manner, efficiency, price, reliability and attention to detail are a credit to you, so many thanks again. I love your interpretations of Chopin and Beethoven's music. There's something really magical to your touch and interpretations that I can't even describe it." - Rossana (Alexandria, VA)

"Chaz is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about pianos, how they work and making them sound beautiful.  He is easy going too.  He has been doing my piano for years.  Couldn't be happier." - Dondi (Oakton, VA)

"Chaz is a wonderful and patient teacher who loves what he does and it shows while teaching. I've gotten a few lessons from him, and speaking as a musically-challenged person, I'm amazed at how much I have learned. He's encouraging, motivating, and doesn't let you give up. He's truly a master of his trade." - Jessica (College Park, MD)

"My child's piano teacher recommended Chaz and she was totally right. He is prompt, friendly, courteous, and ensures the tuning is done correctly. He is also patient with our questions..." - Siobhan (NW DC)

"I bring Chaz the oldest, ricketiest pianos and he consistently turns them into the best they can be." - Justin (NW DC)

"Superlative is defined as of the highest quality or degree; there is no better word I can think of to describe Chaz and his abilities as a piano technician and teacher. I have been privileged to benefit from both. I have had previous teachers and tuners, and they do not come close the the amazing work Chaz does. He is extremely patient with his students and he makes learning fun! When he tunes, no detail is overlooked. I highly recommend him to anyone who has piano needs. He is the cream of the crop." - Tyler (NVA)

"Chaz has wonderful energy and I appreciate how responsive, organized and positive he is. Not only does he do the job well, but you just know he is a great soul. I look forward to catching up again in 6 months!" - Nicole (Arlington, VA)

"Chaz makes my 120 year old grand piano sound better than a brand new concert Steinway!" - Molly (Alexandria, VA)

"What an incredible tuning service and experience. I'm absolutely floored by the incredible customer service, sound of the piano, and going above and beyond by Chaz and Julio to get my piano back to better than perfect shape. Trust these two. You won't be disappointed." - Linc (College Park, MD)

Chaz is an amazing piano technician and pianist! I am a piano teacher and refer him to all of my students. I can always tell after he's tuned and regulated their pianos. My students have developed a better ear for nuances in their playing as a result. Chaz has fixed things that several other reputable piano technicians were unable to fix. He also helped me find the piano of my dreams, which I didn't think would ever be possible in my lifetime. Thank you Chaz!!!" - Marianne (Bethesda, MD)

"It was a pleasure meeting Chaz and having him tune our piano today.  He is polite and extremely professional.  When a flood broke out in my basement very unexpectedly, he even offered to help us with clean-up.  We are so happy to have met him and so much enjoyed the privilege of hearing him play while checking his work.  I very highly recommend Chaz and have already taken my next appointment." - Eve (Bethesda, MD)

"Chaz tuned my piano, which had been neglected for some years. I don't know what his magic is, but he completely changed the sound of the piano, making it rich and beautiful again. I had forgotten how beautiful the piano can sound and am playing a lot now! My piano will definitely stay with Chaz for future tuning. I am very grateful to Chaz for the care and attention he took and strongly recommend him." - Nicola (Northeast DC)

"Chaz is the absolute best--I highly recommend him! He patiently educated me on piano ownership and maintenance and answered all of my questions.  He was on time, polite, personable, and professional.  He was also very clear about the prices for his services, which were very reasonable. I am very glad to have received Chaz's advice and services and will have him tune our piano as long as we live in this area.  Don't look any further for your piano professional!" - Yvette (Alexandria, VA)

"I highly recommend Pitch Perfect! Chaz responded promptly to my email inquiry, graciously accommodated my restricted schedule, was courteous and professional, and did a great job tuning, examining, and cleaning up my old piano. He was patient and generous with his time and advice. Very impressive." - Donna (Northwest DC)

"Mr. Julio Fonseca the piano tuner was friendly and punctual. He was courteous and seemed to be very competent. He was also a good piano player. At age 70 I admired the fact that his experience level would most likely be high and that he was still working. The owner of the company Chaz was well spoken and prompt to reply to my phone call. It was a positive experience all around." - Thomas (Vienna, VA)

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