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New Piano / Grand / Upright

 About Me

As a Piano Technician

Chaz received his extensive training from the American School of Piano Tuning in addition to working hands-on beside numerous professional technicians & rebuilders. He has spent countless hours tuning, regulating, repairing and rebuilding a wide variety of makes & models. He has become a member of the Piano Technician's Guild and has built a wonderful, loving clientele which he cares for loyally as friends and family!

As a Musician

Chaz started pleading with his parents to play the piano at age 4. He studied privately with several of the area's most prominent pianists & musicians. Over the years, he has played with orchestras, concert bands and jazz groups. One of the highlights was performing in one of the most prestigious venues in Europe, the Montreux Jazz Festival! He offers accompaniment services for auditions, competitions & performances. He is also available to entertain your next in-home event. He has a true passion for all music, but particularly the piano.

As a Teacher

Chaz loves to see music play a role in any person’s life, but especially a young person. The ability to play an instrument provides an emotional outlet that tremendously improves mental health. He has 15+ years of experience as a music instructor. Although he is not currently accepting new students, he would be happy to help pair you with an excellent teacher in your area. Please access the Referrals  tab for additional information.

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